We at Ah! Event Catering want to write this blog post out for anyone who may want to learn about search engine optimization, digital marketing, & advertising but do not know what it is.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Products or services are easily being found online search engines like Google with the rise of technological advances. Successful, good, and trustworthy business owners are turning to consultants, agencies, and firms to solve their issues with gaining traction on the search engines. For example, the folks at https://jebseo.com consult local Fort Worth, Texas businesses like doctors, surgeons, jewelry stores, and lawyers help discover their most tactical target market with strategies that save tons of dollars throughout the years. Low overhead with a high return investment ensures low risk with potential high return given conversion frameworks are congruent. It is known that with business products, conversion framework, and traffic sources are solid in order for an entrepreneur to build themselves as a multi-millionaire.

Why SEO over other forms of marketing or advertising?

Case study provided by https://www.meticulosity.com/blog/seo-vs-traditional-advertising entails search engine optimization trumps other forms of marketing such as television advertisements because search marketing plans can be put into place that are traceable, recorded, and metric-driven opposed to hitting television stations at specific times of days to hopefully create sales. The ability to drive traffic to specific queries on search engines for specific keywords ensures tactical advantages. It is better understandable to budget dollars towards search engine advertisements if your brand is distinguished. To learn more visit searchengineland.com regarding changes in the Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, or YouTube algorithms.

Is social media marketing a good option to add with SEO?

Of course! Social media marketing such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook advertising along with search engine marketing ensures a brand has trust with search engines. It is important to build this trust with authority sites so whenever robots crawl and index the world wide web your business’ ability to climb to the top of the serp’s is a whole lot easier. We advise building logos, banners, videos, and sales description that are congruent and honest with what you provide so your potential customers can understand your offer. Providing your honest self with your product or services bring a fresh light on curious eyes that seek out what you tweet about on the Internet.

What are citations and why do they matter?

Citations or directory listings are relevant, authoritative sites that help customers locate products or services on the internet. One of favorite directories is located at yellowpages.com because of the seriousness of the brand. Everyone knows about phone books, white pages, and how to search for a business you’d open a newspaper or a phone book to locate your business of choice. Now with directories, links point back to your business website, reviews can be shown, logos available, times and addresses, plus attachments to social media profiles make it easier for people to contact you as soon as possible.

I’ve heard about trust flow and citation flow; what are those metrics?

TF and CF are two metrics used by Majestic SEO to help robots understand the flow of trustfulness or authoritativeness of a blog and the flow of citations or congruent information that funnels into a website. We recommend you look into Majestic’s products if you are interested in learning about how your search engine optimization consultant handles issues with the technical side of marketing. It is important you learn about why your business partner operates the way he/she does.

How long does search engine marketing take to show results?

Results for clients vary based on numerous factors such as; age of site, current work done with site, and the difficulty scope of the product’s desirable reach in terms of keywords. Usually, 8 to 14 months is the sweet spot where most businesses are ranked #1 for their strategic keywords. It does not occur overnight. Besides, if it did then everyone would be rich! Learn more by clicking the link here!


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